Thursday, May 7, 2020

When dad has a mustache

Last weekend, Josh shaved and gave himself a mustache. He has done this before, but apparently it has been years because the girls were flabbergasted. They just laughed and laughed for a solid day. They asked where it came from, how it got there, and can it come off? It can come off right?

Anyway, their reactions brought us a lot of joy and I thought it was worth mentioning. Josh took this picture to be silly, something about the mustache really complimented the red bandana he has been wearing the last few weeks to manage his hair.

It's been a weird time, but this little memory was worth keeping!

Monday, April 27, 2020

On being needed.

One way I've been trying to grow as a mom is to welcome opportunities when the girls need me. I think it's really easy to feel frustrated with all of the needs. (and they are all so much more independent now anyway!) But with everything going on with this quarantine, everyone's emotional needs have been greater. Last week, there were storms coming. We tried to get the girls to sleep before the thunder began, but we didn't make it. So, everyone climbed in our bed together, and I cuddled in as close as I could, touching everyone as best as I could. Maybe it doesn't 'read' clearly, but I try to remind myself that when they need me, they need me. It isn't always their choice to need me, but how I respond and meet those needs - with joy or with irritation - is always up to me. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Happy 37th Birthday, babe

Somehow, every year, Josh's birthday ends up being a let-down. Someone is sick. or he is sick. or in the case of this year, the world has stopped turning and is completely shut down.

Still, we made the best of it. Well, we made the mediocre-est of it.

Josh had some health scares earlier this year that included passing out, a trip to the ER, CT scans, MRI's, echocardiograms, and meeting with both a neurologist and cardiologist. All to find out that he is, actually, completely healthy. Thank God. But it was (obviously) challenging to go through when it first happened in November, and I suppose I just want to say here that I'm so thankful for him.

Birthday morning hugs from Ruby Kay


Nora doesn't have a matching picture because she was in the river ;)

We ate pizza by the river and it was, probably, perhaps, a forgettable birthday, but now it isn't!