Monday, May 29, 2017


Hundreds of light years.
Catapulting through time and space
Unseen, but coming.

and I imagine
the starlight that hurtled itself weightlessly
onto our smiling faces
was delighted
to end its journey
in such a pleasant place.

I was glad to be there too.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Floating Lights.

In September of 2013, I sat on a red and black couch in an apartment in Baku and scrolled through pictures of a lantern release that had taken place in downtown Grand Rapids. It was an entry for Art Prize, and it made me feel lonely and homesick, knowing I would have been there if only I was home. It's the strangest things that inspire the deepest homesickness while living overseas. A friend's excited anticipation of a blizzard while you melt away in a desert. The flood of a hometown river that is lapping at homes and downtown stores while you gaze at the oil-slicked Caspian Sea. A release of lanterns in a cool autumn sky during an annoyingly hot September.

I closed my computer and resolved to go to a Lantern Festival at some point. I would have that experience, I decided. Some day.

So last night, we did it! We went to a Lantern Festival! The girls were thrilled with anticipation over the "Floating Lights" (a reference to Rapunzel, of course!) and I was excited to finally see what I had wanted to see that strangely homesick day in 2013.

Also, I think a little magic is good for the heart ;-) 

Here is how the girls decorated their lanterns!

and now I can cross a Lantern Festival off of my bucket list! Maybe we'll go to another one some day. We really did enjoy it despite the wind and moderate fire hazard, ha! I'm grateful, though, to finally have gotten to experience it!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Right here"

I have held the wanderlust that consumes my heart
In the palm of my open hand.
Examining it. 
Trying to understand it.
When was it born? 
Has it always been there?
and what, exactly, is it?
A desire to run from something?
or to it?
and I've been praying,
"God, help me to find that feeling...
that feeling that I get when I travel. 
Help me to find it 
right here."

And tonight, 
as Ruby fought sleep for nearly an hour;
unable to succumb to rest
under the heavy blanket of
missing her daddy while he 
hikes the Highlands of Scotland.
I knelt next to her bed,
Tickling her back and caressing her hair.

I am here. 
I am here.
I am here.

and as her eyelids settled together
I whispered,
"You are my Scotland."

and I meant it.