Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm a married woman now!

So this is my first blog as a married woman, and my first blog at this particular web address.  The reason for yet another new blog is because the old one is "LeslieKayK"  and those aren't my initials and my last name no longer begins with the letter "K".  If I'm going to get used to this new name, I had better change it on everything!
Married life has been absolutely incredible so far.  Our honeymoon was beyond incredible in every way.  My husband is absolutely the man of my dreams and doing life with him all day every day has been so much fun!  We are learning new things about ourselves and about each other and about life and about God.  We get to sleep together (take that in whatever way you want), wake up together, pray together, eat together, laugh together, and do life together.  It's truly beautiful.

Our wedding day was everything every bride could ever hope for.  It was beautiful, romantic, serious, fun, and most importantly- we felt like it truly honored and glorified our Lord.  That is what we really wanted, to show our love for each other but also our love for our Creator.  

I have thought of about 100 blogs that I could post in the last two weeks since we have been married but haven't found the opportunity to do so.  I have lots of new thoughts and perspectives on life and friends and relationships and I hate it when I just forget them because I don't have the initiative to write it down or discuss it.    But this will be a good enough start for now :-)

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