Monday, December 15, 2008

I feel it in my fingers... I feel it in my toes...

So a few new things have happened as of late.

Anyone who reads this probably already knows this, but for my own sake I will say:  I have another job!  I'm a barista at Voyages coffee shop here in Lowell.  and I love it!  I love meeting new people and connecting with people that I already know and making people feel important and smiling at people.  I really like smiling at people.  Not that waning-crescent-moon shape smile but a toothy smile or a smile from the eyes.  I like that, a lot.  Because I really don't think people in our culture smile enough.

or laugh enough. Come to think of it, I don't think that I laugh enough.  I have kind of a picky sense of humor (I think) and I have recently realized that I say "That's funny" way more than I actually laugh.

((but sometimes I laugh so hard that I throw my head back and it comes deep from the belly and those are my favorite))

Also, Joshua is going to the Dominican Republic for a week on January 17.  and I would love to go with him.  But we're not sure if it's going to be possible or not.  But I think it's important that I'm there with him... unless God shows us otherwise.  So please pray for that, if you could...

and I'm having a really, really difficult time getting into the "Christmas spirit" or whatever it's called.  I don't have an itch to get our Christmas tree (even though we are going to go get one tonight)  I'm not really enjoying Christmas carols, I have no motivation to go buy things for people (because what does it really matter anyway) and what the heck is Christmas even about?  I know it's celebrating Jesus' birth... but what should that really look like?  I feel like it's more about not having to work and actually seeing my extended family one out of the two times I normally see them per year.  and I don't feel excited about Christmas.  I just don't see the point.  Isn't that Scrooge-like?  I don't know.  


I just want to get to the real meaning of it all.  I want to live everything out the way it is supposed to be lived but I feel like that's way different than anyone else (but maybe it isn't) but it must be because... well I don't know why.  This just can't be it when it comes to Christmas.

and I want to live out friendship the way it's supposed to be lived.  and love. ((especially love)) and God ((ESPECIALLY God)).  I want to experience God the way he is supposed to be experienced.  and... I'm... just... 

thinking about it all.

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  1. thanks for subscribing to my blog

    i am stirred by your thoughts on Christmas and friendship/ love. Don't give in keep pushing for the better thing. It is easy for me to just say" I'll do whatever anyone else does because it is easier" but it isn't necessarily better.
    sometimes stacy and i pray that the Lord would teach us to love, to really love
    I think I'll try to start praying that again