Monday, December 8, 2008

Lookin' at you... lookin' at me...

So the other day Josh and I went to dinner at a family's house that we have come to grow very fond of.  The mom and dad are an awesome couple and they have three children, three good young men.  I'm intrigued by their family because it is so healthy... and I'm sure they have their issues but I am so interested in families that love the Lord and are, on the whole... whole.

Anyway, I love asking couples how they met, how they started dating, when they fell in love, and how he proposed.  I didn't realize how much and why I love it until Thursday night though.  I asked our friends who have been married for 25 years those questions and I got exactly what I was looking for.  I'm interested in the answer, of course, but I think what I'm more interested in is the way they look at each other while they are answer.   

Suddenly, they were looking at each other- I mean really looking at each other.  They were reading their story in each others eyes and on each others faces.  They told their story and laughed and remembered things... and for a moment I saw the fire of their romance and the passion of their first days together.   and the way they looked at each other... it was so beautiful.  Their love was so visible.  and their kids... their kids LOVED it.  They laughed, they knew some of the parts of the story and they didn't know others.  and it was so beautiful, it was so beautiful and such a privilege to stir that up... just by asking a few questions.

and I do that a lot, I think.  I love asking couples questions that help them remember what it was like in the beginning.  Because I think that most of the time we all forget. 

and I'm in the beginning of my love story right now... and I refuse to forget what this is like.  What every day is like.  What our romance and passion for each other feels like.  and I think by stirring it up in other people it will constantly stir it up in me.


  1. beautiful :)
    thats just like you!

    braden and i love reminiscing and remembering little details of our time together....its amazing how together we can remember things and fill in little details

    i appreciate you

  2. mmmmm. i love that you do that and i can't wait till someone does it to us after we have been married for 10 years.