Monday, January 26, 2009

The best defense is a good offense

It's no secret that in today's culture, the temptation to sin sexually is everywhere.  and I have a husband who has fought that temptation on his own for years.

But on October 10, 2008 that all changed.  He found himself on the battlefield with someone else.  Someone who cares about his purity and his heart as much as he does.  Someone who can not only encourage and pray, but can attack the very issue that is constantly barraging him.  

Some say that the best defense is a good offense,  and until we got married Josh was only able to defend himself.  and he still does.  and for that I'm so proud to be his wife.  But as his wife, I have the opportunity to not only help defend him, but I can go on the offensive.  Because one thing I have learned since we've gotten married is that his battle for purity is no longer his.  It is ours.  It is my battle too.  It's my fight.  and I have to go on the offensive.  I have to pursue him.  I have to be the object of his desire.  I seduce him.  I make sure he's satisfied.  I make sure that he is so stinkin' happy sexually that he would have little reason to look anywhere else.  and I absolutely love it!

and yes, there are occasional setbacks.  and sneak attacks (no one told me playboy would send postcards to our house?)  but more than anything it's awesome to stand arm in arm with my husband.  To fight this fight with him.  To take it upon myself to "help" as much as I can.  To pray for him.  To be his encourager .  To love.  To be his lover.  

To be his wife.