Monday, February 2, 2009

A Poem for Josh

I wrote this poem a few months ago for Josh.  and I like it.  So I want to share it :-)

"Still My Dream"

Last night I had a dream
About a hero, strong and true
His name could have been Prince Charming
And he reminded me of you

Handsome from the outside in
It was obvious to see
That this dashing man was quite a catch
Yet his eyes were set on me.

Honor was sewn in the fabric
Of his life and all he did
Humility cloaked his heart and hand
So his goodness was often hid

Self discipline was evident throughout
Strength burst from his spirit and soul
A gentleman to the core, no doubt
With a heart that was wild and whole.

He loved, and loved, and loved, and loved.
He lived, he lived, he lived.
Passion pushing each foot forward
When he had nothing left to give. 

He knew me and he loved me
He saw me and won my heart
He asked me to be his Princess
And wished for us to never be apart.

I knew I could never leave this hero
A true man among many men
How could I ever go on and find
One I could love this much again?

By then my heart was pounding
and I awoke quickly, it would seem
But as I came to, I knew that man was you
I'm awake and you're still my dream

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