Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spring Leaves.

This is a poem I wrote today.  It has been brewing in my heart since late April/early May.  It has finally, finally come out.  It's about the relationship that trees and leaves have... from the trees perspective.  Anyway, here it is!

"Spring Leaves"

Spring leaves!
Spring leaves!
Come out, come out!

Spring leaves!
Spring leaves!
Must I shout?

Spring leaves!
Spring leaves!
What can I say?

Spring leaves!
Spring leaves!
For you to come out once more, and play.

Spring leaves!
How I love you,
My cherished greens
You look so right.
Sweet, gentle swaying
Lets dance all day,
and sing into the night.

I've waited, I've waited, I've waited for you.
Thinking for months, what could be said.
To convince you to appear to me.
To come back to me.
Come back from the dead.

I've protected your home for months.
I've kept a place for you.
Praising God, I reached to the heavens
Holding on to what I knew was true.

That you would come
and here you are,
You came.
You came.
You're here.


But, spring leaves
It departs,
It has to go.
My strong brown arms
Must again carry snow.
I wish there was something, anything I could do.
So you wouldn't,
You can't

No please, no please, fade not from green
Stop, stop! Your red hues make me scream
Why oh why do I replay this scene??

Spring leaves,
It's leaving
I can feel it go
The sting of each departure
Thousands and thousands, I intimately know.
must go.

Goodbye, my love.
So long, my friend.
I wish you could stay.
But Springtime must end.
I won't forget you.
My heart will know
That I will see you again.
When Spring leaves, break through the snow.

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