Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm stirred up... somethin' fierce!

I believe in Purity.

I believe in purity of your heart.

Of your mind.

Of your soul.

and of your body.

Usually people think Christians are all, "save sex til you're married 'cause we don't want anyone having babies or getting stds or 'livin' in sin' ya sinning sinners!"

But I wish, I so wish that the Christ Follower's passion for purity would be ... well, purified. It's so much more than not having babies. It's so much more than stds. It's so much about your heart. It's so much about your future spouse. It's so much about obedience and self discipline and holding out for something greater, holding out for something beautiful and right.

and if I'm going to go all purity crazy on you I think that I should make it clear that this girl has made some mistakes and had some experiences that I'm not super proud of.

But, I made it to the finish line. and so did Joshua. We waited until we were married to have sex. and not because we were "supposed to" but because we believe that it is a better way to live life. That God gives us guidance so that we can live life to the fullest, to carry as little baggage with us as possible. and I showed Joshua the baggage I had collected, I unpacked it for him a long time ago and he showed me his. There were tears and forgiveness for sharing some things that we wish we could have saved for each other.

and then there was purity. But not perfect purity because, well, he's pretty smokin' hot and I'm pretty crazy attracted to him and we definitely didn't preserve the level of purity we wanted.

But our wedding night was amazing. and two nights ago was amazing. and last week was amazing. and sex is amazing. and I thank him on a regular basis that it is something that he and I share alone. No one from our past is in bed with us. I know him and he knows me in a way that NO ONE else has ever known him or will ever know him.

It's beautiful. and I want it for others. It's hard. But it's so worth it.

Sunday we took a group of teens to something called "Silver Ring Thing". 10-12 teens made commitments to their future spouses to wait for them. To wait for their beloved. To put
them ahead of themselves right now, today, every day. I just found out that one of them, a 9th grade girl, is already getting made fun of at school for having her purity ring. and I think that's ridiculous. and sad. Ridiculously sad. I hate that our culture has brainwashed our youth. I
hate that sex is so casual and such a badge of honor.

Sex at 14 years old is a sign of brokenness. and I am so proud of this girl for making that commitment. I wish I could be with her every day to call out the people who are hurling insults at her because


and I know it's worth it.

and I wish, I so wish that someone would have given me a purity ring. Told me the truth. Not this "God just doesn't want you to have sex so don't" crap. I wish someone would have explained to me how beautiful it was going to be. How hard it was going to be. and how worth it it's going to be. How my husband might have been out there, praying for me and waiting for me too (Because Joshua was. He has been praying for me since he was 14 or 15 years old, can you even believe that?)

and trust me people, it is worth it.

and P.S. (and it's a h-u-g-e p.s.) I also passionately believe in 2nd chances and do-overs. I don't mean to sound like I know everything, I know only my own experiences. and I so very much desire out of very good intentions to point others in the same direction that I joyously followed. Alas, I know it's not possible, but I hope you, whoever reads this, can see my heart and intentions behind this post.


  1. beautiful - simply beautiful!

    I would have given the stars and the moon to have you as a "grown-up" in my life when I was 14.

    I love your heart Leslie! I love what you do for our girls! I love that you are in my daughter's life!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. finally! I found your blog!!