Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Chance To Die: "Never about, always to"

The "family" that Amy was a part of (that she started) was comprised of herself, a variety of different workers, and children. Many, many children. Mostly young girls at first, but it grew over time to be a home for little boys as well. All of whom were children in desperate need of a home, of love, and most importantly a Savior.
There was much work to be done, and everyone contributed to the effort. They were a family. Not a community, not an organization, a family. Amy made sure that they acted like a family too; that everyone did their part. Most importantly that they, above all things, loved one another.
A large part of that affection was trust. Trust and loyalty are very important aspects of love. The richest loves are full of trust and loyalty (even in the midst of great trial and mistakes). Amy knew this and in order to fully trust and love one another, instituted a short but infinitely wise motto in their family:

"Never about, always to"

Meaning, if you had a problem with another person, you never talked about that person, but you always talked directly to that person. In other words, no gossip. No talking about each other behind backs. Always bring conflicts and issues right out with another person.

It seemed quite obvious to Amy. How else could they fully trust one another? How else could they truly love as a family?

Amy said it best when she wrote, "How can you pray -- really pray, I mean -- with one against whom you have a grudge or whom you have been discussing critically with another? Try it. You will find it cannot be done."

Oh that I could have the courage to live by such a motto! Not to mention the wisdom to know when I should confront, when I should forgive quietly (sometimes without being asked), and when really the problem lies within myself. (One of my favorite quotes is, "Often, in times of relational difficulty, the Lord is highlighting areas we need to fix, not highlighting areas of other people's problems.")

So. I'm going to try this. I know I'm goingto fail, but if I can succeed just once.... I think it will be worth the effort.

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