Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Chance To Die: "He knows about the boats."

Early in Amy's adult missionary life, she sailed the high seas to Japan. She learned the language, served, and ministered to the people there. It was a short season of her life, but helped to shape her future.
A group of missionaries had decided to take a long journey to another part of the island of Japan. It required several days of travel by foot and wagon, as well as several days on a boat. The land part of the journey went very well. They arrived at the harbor where they were to board a boat to be on their way to minister to another part of the island except that....

the boats were delayed....... for days.

No one had any knowledge of when they would arrive. The friends in their little traveling company were getting quite impatient that the boat was not there. The boats absence was interfering with the Lords work!

Until one gentleman, their leader, said, "God knows about the boats." With that, they all fell into silent obedience. Amy found herself another life motto to live by. She found herself reassuringly saying "God knows about the ______" for the rest of her life.

For Amy, God knew about the children. He knew about their need for food. Their need for financial support. Their need for help. He knew about the difficulty they faced every day as they poured out their lives to serve and raise hundreds of children.

This quote has stuck with me. It has attached its truth to my heart. Already it has given me great comfort. For example, Josh was traveling to Kentucky several weeks ago with a group of teens. The roads were terrible when he left. I was worried. Then I remembered, "Hey Leslie, God knows about the roads." (On an interesting note, that morning the group headed to Kentucky DID get into an accident. One van rear ended the other. But that doesn't mean it was a surprise to God, right?)

oh and just today, our cars are dying. (Correction: Josh's died on the way to church this morning...) Another quiet self reminder, "Leslie, God knows about the cars."

God knows (and he cares) about the challenges we face. He knows about that big test this weekend. He knows about your desire for a husband. He knows about the big move to a new town. He knows about the bills. He knows about how difficult it can be to feel alone.

He knows.
He knows.
He knows.

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