Thursday, January 21, 2010

Honoring a Soldier. A Friend. A Hero.

One of Brian's (my twin) best friends from high school was killed in Afghanistan last week.
Sergeant Lucas Beachnaw

He was in a shootout with members of the taliban.
He was shot 3 times.
Got up after the first bullet.
Kept fighting.
Tried to get up after the third.
Could not.
(Recalls one of the men who fought with him that day.)

His body was flown into Grand Rapids today.
There was a processional to Lowell.
People lined the streets to welcome him home.
It was tragically beautiful.
(mostly tragic, to be quite honest)
Sometimes the most beautiful things in life come with the saddest things in life.

Here are pictures.
Feel free to cry.
Or write an encouraging note to someone in the military.
Or pray for our military
Or pray for his family.
(Please pray for his family...)

At the airport.

Coming down the hill into town. Flags everywhere.

Crossing the bridge.

Just past the bridge.
(My family is the first little group on the right side.)

Local businesses honoring him.

Such a proud community.

(These pictures were borrowed from the facebook page created in memory of Lucas)

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