Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Blanket Fort

Joshua and I made a blanket fort last week.
First, we went on a date.
Then, he surprised me with me a new computer!
A little netbook I have named Lil' Blue.
(To go with the theme of our other gadget's names.
My iPod: Lil' sassy and Josh's iPhone: Lil' sexy)

I got the idea from this blog.
It was so fun!
Josh constructed the fort.
I added the stars to its ceiling.
We both slept in it.
and BOTH of the cats loved it!

"Look at the stars... look how they shine for you..."

I have never seen Houdini so relaxed in Josh's presence before. I'm 98% certain it's because he felt protected and covered by the fort. He likes to be under things and hiding. Silly cat...

This was a picture that was supposed to be of the three of us, documenting the important occasion of Houdini not being scared poopless (literally) in Josh's presence. Josh got cut out...

'Twas a fun night!