Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Best. Prank. Ever. (Honestly, I can't stop laughing)

Seriously, this is one of those stories we will laugh about forever!

So last night, Michigan got this huge snow storm, right? Well, I was over at my parents house, hanging with the family, when conversation came up about how funny it would be to call in to the local news station and make up a fake organization to cancel. After throwing several name ideas around (not thinking it would ever come to fruition, of course) my mom throws out, "How about the Lowell Breastfeeding Club?" Next thing I know, my 16 year old brother,Brad, is online looking up the number to call it in.

He dials.
The call is answered.
Brad: "Uh, Hi. My wife asked me if I would call in and cancel the Lowell Breastfeeding Club tomorrow. Yeah, it's supposed to be at 3:30, but the roads are bad so she's just going to cancel. and yeah, we're having a hard time getting ahold of our members. Yep, the Lowell Breastfeeding Club. Ok, thanks a lot."

We all just started cracking up laughing as soon as he hung up. I had tears in my eyes. Then... we waited to see if it was actually posted.

Oh about... 10 minutes later... it showed up online!
Naturally, we all just about fell over laughing so hard that it actually made it online.

About 5 minutes after that, we waited as Kent County scrolled through the "L's" and then....we saw it:
and honestly, I think we all just about peed our pants.

It's still up this morning.

Finally, to put the icing on the cake... this just kills me it's so funny.... People have updated their Facebook Status' about it! They are saying things like this:

(and I quote)

"What the hell is the Lowell Breast-Feeding Club???? and why is on the school closing list??? Way to make Lowell look stupid lol. Ughhhhh.." End Quote.


"Lowell breast-feeding club is closed today. Since when is there a breast feeding club in Lowell?!?!"


"Ok so I was looking at the school closings, tell me why there is a lowell breast feeding club lol... I'm not saying it's not a real club. But why didn't I know about this!!!!"

I called my mom to share the facebook status' with her. I couldn't even talk I was laughing so hard. I have a family that has an awesome sense of humor! I love them so much. I don't think any of us will ever forget this one....


  1. This is seriously hilarious. You guys are awesome.

  2. oh my goodness!!!!!!!! I saw that on the tv and wondered when on earth Lowell got it's very own Breast Feeding Club!!!!!

    I kept seeing it scroll past - in hopes for an early closure for school... and kept envisioning the clubs activities

    I'll leave it at that!

    I love you and your family!

  3. This is so funny. I was cracking up just reading it! What a fun family you have :o}

  4. I laughed very much out loud then shared this with my suitmates!
    AND people facebooked about this! I can't take it.

    Julie McCracken