Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taking the Dive

Being in youth ministry has its challenges.
(Lots of them.)
But it has its rewards.
(Lots of them)
They come in the shape of teenagers whose lives are
by the Living God.
and then, you get to be a part of things like this:

Lexie being baptized.

Hugging her Mom and brother, Donnie, who were also baptized.

Emily being baptized last year.

Josh baptizing Miki and Tyler.

Me, watching!

The horribly sad thing is that... I used to get annoyed during baptisms at church.
I would think things like, "ughhhh now we're going to be here late"
(I have come a long way, my friends)
Last weekend, I was trying not to cry
the entire time.
It's such a beautiful picture.
(and a commandment from Jesus)
Of being washed clean.
Dying to the old, sinful life.
Raising to new a new life, fully surrendered to Jesus Christ.

Have you been baptized?

1 comment:

  1. I have! but into the mormon church :)

    thanks for your comment on my blog--i'm glad a mario post could bring you out of hiding. it's such a wonderful game :)