Sunday, March 14, 2010


I would love to share some thoughts with you, if you have a moment. Thoughts about everyone's favorite caller: the telemarketer.

So last week, a telemarketer called our house at 8:30pm. I answered. She was apathetically polite. She was asking about whether or not we would like to become customers of direct tv. I explained to her that my husband and I don't watch much tv, we prefer netflix and that we're not interested in it at all. She understood, I told her to have a good night, and then we hung up.

Now, I know that it is common to be very rude to telemarketers. To hang up on them. To prank them. To make them feel terrible. To tell them how rude they are.


I would like to say that I refuse to treat them poorly. Because the person on the other line is a person. I would imagine that the woman I talked to and myself have something in common. Maybe she's crazy about Nutella too? I bet that even she would agree that it's sort of rude to call at 8:30 at night, or during dinner. I would guess that she probably doesn't really like her job, atleast, not more than spending time with her friends or family in the evening. And I have a hunch that at the exact moment of our conversation, she would rather have been at home, reading a book to her children and putting them to sleep.

Instead, she found herself talking to me about something she didn't actually care about (the tone of her voice told me so).

The next thought I had, after the conversation, was about myself. I want to be the kind of person who consistently treats everyone with kindness and compassion. Even if they are annoying and rude. Even if they are mean. Even if I can't see their face. Because who a telemarketer is and whether or not it's right that she is calling my house has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, to do with who I am and how I am going to treat people.

I have always been challenged by the quote, "What type of world it it be if everyone in it lived just like me?"

Consistency of character, friends.

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