Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We like colors.

We have a very colorful house. When Josh purchased our home, it was a blank canvas with white walls in almost every room. We have had a lot of fun decorating and making our house our home. (There is a difference). Would you care to join me on a little tour?

Here is our laundry room. We JUST painted it red. Bright, bright red. We also added a small section of chalkboard to our wall (yay chalkboard spray paint!) It's the first thing most people walk into and it is a lot nicer with the added color.

Here is our television room. We decided that since we had 3 bedrooms and no children, we wanted to remove the tv from the main living area. The living room is for living and talking and relationships, so for now, we have the tv in its own room. The walls are a dark orange and the ceiling is black. The next owners of this house will either love us or hate us..

The last bedroom is a bit smaller. It is both our office and the room that I give massages out of from home.

The living room/kitchen/dining room...

This next picture is a painting our very talented friend Braden Williams made for us as a wedding gift. It is a painting of Jesus. We love it because it is actually a more accurate depiction of what a 30 year old Middle Eastern man, Jesus, would have looked like 2000 years ago. Interesting, isn't it? He doesn't have flowing long brown hair, blue eyes, or a six pack. (and neither did Jesus). It's one of our favorite things in our house, a great conversation piece, and also something to think about :-)

Finally, the bedroom. Josh decorated it himself. Our wedding colors were black, pink, and white. Hence his inspiration for the colors!

The door...

Not pictured: Wall to the right that is black with a pink striped. Also wall to the left that is pink with black stripe.

and on a funny note... right at this very second we have the house mostly dark except for the office/massage room. Chewbacca is standing in the window. It is hilarious. We walked down to the end of the driveway to see what a passersby might notice and cracked up. Here is the view from close up:

I really wonder what the neighbors think of us. We are the house that constantly has cars in the driveway, lights on late, toilet paper on the roof (a challenge we have posed to our teens that they occasionally take us up on), and tonight, chewbacca in the window.

I love it!


  1. Your house is so cute. thanks for taking me on a tour :o}

  2. I love the painting of Jesus. I was actually talking about that in one of my classes the other day how he isn't a caucasian, blue eyes male but someone with middle eastern/jewish ancestry.

  3. I LOVE that you painted your laundry room red!

  4. You are so very welcome Suzanne! I'm glad you like our home!

    Em, it is an interesting thing to think about, isn' it? Josh did an interesting talk once on different culture's perceptions of Jesus. Commonly, each culture depicted Jesus to look just like a person from that particular region.

    Thanks Caitie! It's way better than the blah white we had before :-)