Saturday, April 24, 2010

Youth Ministry Fun!

Here is a glimpse into what we've been up to with the teens lately!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to play wiffle ball before youth group started.  It had a slight twist, though... the wiffle ball was filled with whipped cream. 


Jordan taking a swing.

Adam taking a swing.

Waiting to take their turn and/or trying to avoid having to take a turn :-)


Moving right along, Several weeks ago I hosted the annual Girls Spring Break Senior High Sleepover. 
and... I did something I always said I would never do with the girls who came.

I took them TP'ing.

Ok now before you go on thinking I'm the worst youth leader and pastor's wife ever let me explain:

1. There were 6 girls.  All juniors and seniors.  Only 1 of them had ever been TP'ing.  One!  Considering that half of them are graduating in a month or two, it was likely that they would never, ever have a chance to ever participate in this classic high school experience.  Was I just supposed to stand by and watch this golden opportunity slip through their adolescent fingers?  I think not!

2. I had just talked to a friend of mine (and fellow youth leader) several days before.  She shared with me how funny she thought it would be to get TP'd.  She, Rachel, has three children of her own.  Two in Elementary and one in middle school. 

3. I reasoned that I would wake up the next day and, once the girls had been picked up, would drive over and help Rachel and her family clean it all up.

So with that, we were off.  Of course, before we could leave we had to take many pictures of our "ninja" selves and get completely ready.  Black eye liner under the eyes and bandanas included.  It took probably three times as long getting ready as it did to actually TP Rachel and her family.

Here is one of the 1000ish pictures we took before leaving:

and here is a picture Rachel posted the next day of the damage :-)

It was such a fun experience. Rachel is one of those ridiculously cool moms who completely and totally celebrates her chidlren and relishes in motherhood. She woke her kids (and several of their friends) up at 4:00am to get us back a few days later. Here are two pictures of the retaliation:

Finally, just this week we had a Storying Dinner. These dinners are probably our favorite events that we do with the teens. They come over, we cook them a homecooked meal (Caesar salad and Chicken Carbonara this week), and then we share one of the key stories of the Bible that helps tell the entire story of Gods redemptive plan. This week, it was Jacob and Esau. It's a great night for the kids to ask questions and try to fully understand the brilliant plan God has had in place to save us since that fateful day in the garden.
Out in the front yard before dinner.


Gathered in the living room listening to the story.

Well, there you have it, friends!  A snapshot (or two or three) of what we've been up to with the teens lately. 


  1. Reading this makes me wish I was apart of your ministry group. Also, I have a feeling you will be a pretty cool mom someday too. As far as the kitten goes, I checked my lease and I can't have pets :(. However, I'm going to ask Mike if we could keep him/her at his house! So I should be letting you know soon!

  2. You are just about the coolest youth leaders EVER.

  3. It looks like you guys have so much fun. And just so you know...I have never been TPing.