Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Wedding, a Picnic, and a Thought on Blogging.

On May 22, our friends James and Becky got married. 'Twas a lovely wedding.  Especially because my Joshua officiated it!  He did so well!  I was so very proud to be his wife.  One woman even told him that it was the most beautiful wedding she had ever been to.  Many things contribute to a compliment like that, but I know that a huge factor was what Josh shared with them as they committed themselves to each other for a lifetime.

James, the groom, is just finishing up school to be a missionary pilot.  He and his new bride flew from the little airport in Lowell (where they were married) to the little airport in Ionia (where they held their reception in an airport hangar).

I got to wear my new dress!

Oh, I just love him!

A phone picture from the dance floor!

The next day, we had an End of Year Picnic with our teens.  Everything was going quite well until the kickball game when Jesse caught a fly ball in the bottom of the first inning and landed badly on his ankle... and... it... broke.  Scary!  He's doing okay now, but we never finished the game. 

Finally, it is a tradition for Josh to read "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss to our seniors.  I love it! 

Can I share with you one of the reasons why I like blogging?  I like it because whoever you are, you just chose to read this.  I feel like facebook, in a way, forces who you are and what you do and think and believe into everyone else's life.  I don't post many pictures and personal thoughts on status' because I don't want to share my life with all 800 of my "friends".   I don't know the reasons why someone would come to my blog... maybe it's because they just happened upon it or maybe they are genuinely interested in my life/heart/well being (Hi Mom! Hi Grandma!) If either of those are the case (especially the latter), then I don't mind sharing bits of our life :-)

Don't get me wrong, I like facebook just as much as everyone else.  It's absolutely AMAZING to have as a tool to stay connected with the teens in youth group,  but I don't share my heart or much of life on it.

....The end.

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  1. 1) I love Josh's hats. They're cool and quirky. And I bet it is amazing watching him officiate a wedding, especially as his wife. I feel like you have a totally unique perspective/feeling because you are his wife that no one else will get.
    2) I feel the same way about the facebook/blogging thing. I'm trying to get more into it blogging now that it is the summer. There is something about having 800 friends that makes something special (for you) become some impersonal. When Mike and I become engaged (which I think will be soon, key word think) I think I'm going to wait a while to "announce" it on facebook, but will put it on my blog.