Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Gorilla Kiss In Church... (Oh my!)

Every year, our church loves to go all out for Mothers and Fathers Day. This year, I was in charge of coming up with what we call "Forced Community".  It's usually a game or an ice breaker that "forces" everyone to commune with each other.  Well, since it was Father's Day and they get all manly with ribs and such around Impact, I decided that the best game would be Man/Gorilla/Gun.  Man/Gorilla/Gun is Rock/Paper/Scissors.  Except in this game, the opponents stand back to back... and a song is sung explaining which item wins.  The song goes like this:

"Gorilla beats the man (echo)
Man beats the gun (echo)
Gun beats the gorilla (echo)
and if you tie, you die (echo)"

When it was decided that we were going to play this game, Josh and I had a fun discussion about how great it would be if we found a gorilla suit and tried to incorporate it into the service.  Well, we did, but only for the final 11:15 service.  The game went off quite well, except hidden in the back room was my husband... dressed as a gorilla.  When a champion was decided by process of elimination... we called Josh/Gorilla man out for the final showdown. 

I'm not kidding you, Josh got completely into character and came galloping out on all fours from the back room.  Then, he straddled someone in the front row.  Then, he accidentally scared the guy who he was supposed to play (because the guy happened to have his back turned the other way when Josh ran out.. oops!)  They battled.  Josh/the gorilla won.. which was sort of ironic.  I happened to be within feet of all of the madness because I was the one who introduced and explained the game everyone, so I was laughing and red faced at the silliness of my husband.  Suddenly Josh ran up to me, in his gorilla costume, and kissed me.  Like, through the mask.  In front of everyone.  Which was 250ish people in that service.  I was laughing so hard and quite embarrassed and thoroughly amused and most people laughed (but a few probably thought it was really weird and I bet some people were angry because "this is church, people!  We're in the house of God!" but actually, we ARE the house of God.  Our bodies are His temple now.  Churches are just buildings, people are the church.  (Jesus said it, not me.) ANYWAY, that's a whole different subject, and maybe no one thought that in the first place so why don't we just carry on with the rest of this blog, eh?) 

I am delighted to be able to show you a picture of it, too.  Our friend Leah captured the moment on a whim and I think it's hilarious. 

Sooooo here I am.
About to be kissed by my husband.
In a gorilla suit.
In church.

Oh silliness.... it makes life better, don't you think?