Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Graduating Class of 2010.

On Sunday, Josh and I went to the graduation ceremony at Lowell High School.  Fortunately, the weather held off and it was a beeeeautiful afternoon.  I really enjoyed the ceremony, especially the band's rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.  It really struck me as an excellent choice for the band to play because these kids.... well, they just believe.  I couldn't help but notice the confident swagger of the boys or the classic aviator sunglasses that say, "I am really cool." (Atleast that's what I think mine say when I wear them... ha!)   Or how about the balloons and beach balls being inconspicuously blown up and tossed around because hey, there's nothing anyone can do about their disobedience anymore.  They were graduating. All of the students had this, "I've finally arrived" attitude.  It was awesome. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of it.  At the same time, I felt a twinge of sadness while observing their excitement.  Their hope.  I was sad because I know that, for the most part, it won't last.  I don't mean to be really negative, only honest.  The Salutatorian gave a speech that ended with something like, "So in the future, be sure to turn on CSPAN or CNN and I can guarantee you'll see our faces."  I am ashamed to admit I thought to myself, "No... no I probably won't, actually."  Because life happens and debt happens and failing classes happen and bad things happen and dreams get stolen and "realistic" expectations are adopted and it is so sad.  

So I would like to say to the graduating class of 2010, to my girls that graduated this year (Annelyse, Anna, Brittany, Miki, Nichole, Melissa), and to myself...  Don't Stop Believing that you can change the world.  That you can do anything.  What is your dream?  Someone HAS to live it... so why not you?  Keep that confident swagger.  Rock those aviators.  Change the world.  We all desperately need you to.

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  1. Les, what you said is so true, but I am with you 100%. No one should ever settle when it comes to their lives. S*#% happens, but don't ever let it stop you!