Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unexpected Humor.

Life can be quite funny, sometimes.
In the Lowell Meijer, there is something that always always always makes me smile.
On the wall, just past the Pharmacy, in the cafeteria, written in big letters on the wall is the word:

See, Meijer has a lot of random phrases and words painted on the walls around their store. 
One of those words is "ass".
Interestingly enough, it is actually part of the word "glass"... but
whoever put the word "glass" up didn't do a very good job. 
The "g" and the l" are on one wall, and then the "ass" on another wall.
A wall that's facing the entire store.

Now, this was either a very unfortunate mistake or an incredibly clever joke. I myself like to think that the latter is true.  I took pictures of it today, which was kind of a funny story in itself.   I just stood there in the middle of the store taking pictures... and then I walked closer to take another picture... and then I realized there were employees sitting and eating in the cafeteria who probably thought I was taking pictures of them.. so I walked a little bit closer and said, "um.. just so you know I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm taking a picture of the word "ass" on the wall."  They laughed.  I laughed.  It was sufficiently awkward and funny and probably made their 15 minute break (I hope!)

Anyway, here are the progressive pictures... :-)

A dead on shot:

An angle shot, to get the full word :-)

If you are ever in the Lowell Meijer, be sure to look for it!  I love finding things like this in life.  They come out of no where just to bring a little more joy to my day.

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  1. lol I had no idea it said that. The Friday's on Alpine has something like that too, but I of course can't remember what it is since it has been so long.