Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our "UP" Inspired Photo Shoot

On Saturday, our great friend (and very talented photographer) Brandon Mulnix of Modern Photographics came over to our house to do an anniversary photo session inspired by the Pixar movie "Up".  It is one of our all time favorite movies, and after seeing another couple online do a similar shoot, we knew we had to do it as well!  So for a few hours, I was Ellie, my Joshua was Carl, and it was magical!  So far, we have only seen one picture, and absolutely love it.  

Later that day, we decided to head into Grand Rapids to check out ArtPrize.  Considering we had twenty balloons floating in our house, we decided to bring them with us and give them away to children downtown.  It was so much fun to give little kiddos balloons.  They were really excited ("I want the pink one... no wait the purple one.. NO THE BLUE ONE!).  It was such an enjoyable experience that I think some day we might just go out and buy twenty more balloons with the sole purpose of giving them away to people.  It was truly delightful!  Here are a few pictures from that adventure:

Walking downtown, looking for children to give balloons to...  
(Notice the change in attire from our morning photo shoot.. 'twas a cold day!)

A snapshot of the first two gone... a Daddy tying it onto his little girls wrist.  How precious is that??

Well, these girls aren't children, but they were still really excited!

I was enjoying myself immensely!

Just like that, they were gone.  What had brought us so much happiness in the morning, was now bringing joy to others :-)  What a treat!

It was a day well lived.  I fell even more in love with Josh, too.  I think you're always falling in or falling out of love.  To what degree is sometimes hard to tell, but it's one or the other.  It's pretty neat to think that after nearly two years of marriage, I am most definitely falling IN.


  1. That picture is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! Were you handing out balloons before my party on Saturday? You guys are so much fun!

  2. You already know that I love the pictures, but what you must also know is that I love your new background! :) Oh, and YOU! :)

    Thanks for being a great friend.