Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Acts of Silliness.

Last week, one of the teens from our youth group, Shannon, and myself were supposed to go to Chicago to pick up the team returning from the Dominican Republic.  Unfortunately, their plane got held up due to hurricane Earl, which left us hanging out in Grand Rapids rather than downtown Chicago.  The night before we were supposed to leave, I spent some time making "faces" to put on random inanimate objects.  They are, to me, a simple way to bring a 'lil joy in someones day.  I got the inspiration from one of my new favorite blogs, and put my own creative spins on it as I made them! We had a great time finding creative places to put them, and got a few pictures as well!  They're pretty easy to make, so I would definitely recommend trying it yourself!

On a rock outside of the church....

In a dressing room at Target!  This one is my personal favorite :-)

"Why, thank you!"

We put this face on the back of the door, so that maybe the employees wouldn't see it right away and it would last a little longer!  Here is what someone who was trying something on would see.

On a tree outside of Texas Roadhouse....

Not pictured are faces on: A toilet in my parents house and a filing cabinet at the office I work in

It was a fun night, despite the big bummer of not being able to go to Chicago and pick up the team.  Shannon is such a beautiful girl, inside and out, and this was a great first night of hanging out and getting to know each other better!