Monday, October 25, 2010

Balloons and Little Surprises.

Josh and I recently switched our house around a bit.  Our home has three bedrooms: a master bedroom with connecting bathroom, a normal size room, and a very small room.  We decided to make the very small room our bedroom and we love it!  Our master bedroom is now a big open area with desks and dressers and it's a lovely change.  

Last week, while Josh was away for a few hours, I decided to surprise him when he got home with something fun in our new little room!  I got the idea from a blog I read a long time ago (I'm pretty sure it was somewhere on this one) and it stuck with me.  The picture I saw that stuck with me was of balloons hanging from the ceiling.  So, I decided to buy some balloons and string and hang them from the ceiling above our bed.  I also decided to write something that I love about Josh on each one.  Something special about him or us that means a lot to me.  It was really fun and he LOVED the surprise!  As I type, we're both laying under the balloons, and they are gently swaying back and forth with the subtle shifts in the air created by the fan that we sleep with at night.  It's quite magical.

It was so easy to think of things I love about him.  I ran out of string before I ran out of balloons!  Here are a few pictures Josh took the next day... 

Clearly, balloons are becoming an important part of our relationship!

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