Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dabbling in Photography.

I took these first few on a walk the other day...

My "Love" mug on the glass table with Kenny and Nicole kissing in the reflection.

Josh raising Buddy in a "Simba-like" manner at dusk.

Our sister Julie, reading in the summer time. (Editing Credit: Joshua)

A Storying Dinner in the summer.  Circling around sharing a story from the Bible
(Editing Credit: Joshua, of course!)

The next few pictures are from our summer trip to Gettysburg.


  1. I LOOOOVE the sun peeking through the leaves one and the love mug reflection. So beautiful!

  2. Leslie! these are gorgeous. I'm so excited to see them. Josh seems really talented at editing them as well. I need to get myself a good editing program.

    I love the one of Josh with Buddy!!

  3. You take such pretty pictures :o}

  4. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the encouragement!