Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well friends and family, I love it here!  Right now, Josh and I are relaxing in the apartment we are staying in and getting ready to call it a night soon.  The first legs of our traveling experience have gone quite well!  We had a great flight over from Chicago to Sweden... I watched "Eclipse", "Titanic", my first episode of "Glee", and listened to Taylor swift and the next thing I knew, we were almost there!

Initially, we wanted to get out and see a small bit of Sweden during our eight hour layover, however, exhaustion and the fact that it was rainy, foggy, dark, and a 30 minute drive from the city, lead us to the decision to stay in the airport and sleep.  Beautiful, welcome, sleep.  Basically, we traveled forward in time and about the time our bodies wanted to go to bed, we were arriving in the early morning in Sweden.  So, after a few hours of rest in the airport and on the flight to Paris, we were ready to see the city!  It worked out fabulously.

The airport in Paris was really unique and the airport in Sweden was really, really fancy. I've never been in such a nice airport.  Also, I have never seen so many well dressed people.  My sister Lindsay and her boyfriend Damien were waiting for us with the prettiest, sparkliest, loveliest sign I've ever seen!  The girls she nanny's for helped her make it :-)

We made our way to the apartment we are going to be staying in, caught up a bit, and then decided to go meet up with friends of theirs in the city.  We ate in the outside area of a restaurant and had a nice meal.  The best part of the restaurant was the view... we could see the Notre Dame cathedral from where we were sitting!  It was so beautiful.

Later, Josh and I took the metro back to our apartment all by ourselves :-)  Josh is an amazing navigator aaaand I do ok.  One of our favorite things is being in places and situations where no one else knows we are.  Riding a random subway in Paris with just each other definitely qualified for one of those moments.  What a wonderful adventure this has been for us so far!  Be sure to keep scrolling down and check out the post Josh shared just before mine.  Pictures!


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