Thursday, October 7, 2010

What we've been up to with the teens lately....

The school year kick off with the band "Atlantic".  It was an awesome night of worship and a great start to the school year!

Saturday night game night/slide as far as you can in your socks on the new floor/ play on the "exercise" ball... night

Nick Warren singing at the 5th Quarter After Football Game event

A much bigger and better sounding, teen-populated worship band.  Multiple kids on multiple instruments this year! So awesome!

The junior high girls being silly before youth group :-)

An eating game.  The mix they are supposed to eat included both pigs feet and lard and a few other "edible" ingredients. (For the record, we didn't come up with this game.  Only one kid really ate any of it.  He also kind of threw up... oy.)

Learning to trust each other....

REALLY trust each other....

Really, REALLY trust each other...  
(Yay Kate!  She is one of our leaders and she was brave enough to participate!)

Eating bananas through pantyhose....

and, most importantly, teaching the teens about God.

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  1. Eating bananas through panty hose?!?! What in the world?!?! LOL