Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Main Street Inn.

My parents are quite the entrepreneurs.  They've had their own plumbing and heating business in our town and it is still doing quite well despite the bad economy!  Greg, though, has a passion for real estate and was "flipping" homes and buildings long before the reality show became popular.

Their most recent project is The Main Street Inn in downtown Lowell.  A couple of years ago, the city was going to tear down a building over the river that was right on Main Street due to the poor shape it was in.  Literally, the floor was slumping close to the water and it was held up in some areas by cinder blocks stacked on top of one another.  Before they made the decision to tear it down, Greg stepped in and said he would renovate them.  and he did just that.  Not only did he renovate them, he also discovered that originally the building had a second story, and restored it to its original look.

Lowell is a growing community that has a lot of fun things going on.  Successful athletics, community events/parades/festivals, and local wedding venues bring in a lot of out of town guests, but there was no where to stay within 25 minutes of Lowell.  So, when thinking of what this new building should be, my Mom made the suggestion that it should be a little Inn, and Greg made that dream come to life.

Opening day was Thanksgiving.  There were guests in five of the seven rooms for the first three nights!  The building isn't quite finished yet, there are still a few touches that need to be addressed, but it's looking really incredible.  I sure wish I had "before" pictures to show because you would be shocked at what Greg turned the place into.  

A few days ago, Josh was able to get a few pictures and I am really excited to post them on here!  Each guest room is going to have different furniture (a detail still to be worked out) but the colors and beds are set.  

It is SO exciting and I am so proud of my Mom and Greg for what they have done with this building and what they do in the community of Lowell!

A view from the street:

Upstairs there is a gathering space with a full kitchen and living room:

 One of the bathrooms:

The tile work is quite impressive!  Also, please note the duel shower heads.  Ah-mazng, right??  They are in every shower. I've tried explaining to my little sister how it's actually NOT a waste of water to have two shower heads running when there are two people in the shower at the same time... but for some reason she just started covering her ears and saying "LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING" or something like that.  Weird, eh?  :-)

 A bedroom looking over Main Street:

A room looking out over the river:

A room with two beds and access to the deck overlooking the river:

"Ivan's Room".  Named over a local man who poured his life into the community.  Also overlooking the water with balcony access right from the room!  (Cleverly not pictured through the windows to the right is the Lowell Troll, whom I despise.  Excellent camera positioning darling!)

The view from the downstairs balcony

Another shot of the front of the building 

Not pictured (yet) is the gorgeous lobby, conference room, and several other guest rooms.  It really is quite spectacular!  Room rates are anywhere from $85 for a view of the action on Main Street to $125 for the honeymoon suite overlooking the river on the second floor.  I'm so excited to see the impact it has on the community and the local businesses!


  1. Katie doesn't want to imagine that two people might shower together. haha Cute.

  2. This looks amazing! And I love the bathrooms!!! I hope people continnue to find themselves staying here... it looks so cozy and comfortable :o)