Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Dresses.

I love vintage dresses.  Sometimes, I find myself searching page after page after page on looking for the perfect vintage dress at a great deal.  I've gotten two (the pink dress I wore in our "Up" pictures and this one that I wore today at the inn) and I absolutely adore them.  I find them to be very feminine and lovely and entirely unique.  Tonight I have found three that I'm completely drooling over.

Blue dress $28.  Possibly could acquire soon.

Pink Dress  $72. 

Too small for this girl, but I wish it wasn't! 
(Oh and wouldn't this make a great bridal shower dress? ::cough:: Emily!)

Despite the fact that we can ALL see that the pink dress was made for me, it is awfully difficult for Josh  to justify spending $72 (ever) on an item of clothing...


But aren't they just lovely?  I so very much enjoy embracing my femininity and wearing dresses!


  1. No way! As I went to click on the link that took me to see the dress that you bought I was thinking how great of dress this would be for showers/rehearsal dinners/etc....and then I scroll down and see the cough cough :)

  2. Those are gorgeous, there's something very special about vintage dresses, but I'm totally with you - I have such a hard time spending that much on an item of clothing!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today, it made my morning. Looking forward to reading more of yours! :)