Sunday, January 16, 2011

25 in 25

Here are 25 goals I would like to accomplish while I am 25 years old.

1. Cook one great meal a week (I tried to change this to "plan more meals" but Josh wouldn't let me. ha!)

2. Write one letter a week.

3. Take a class.

4. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes without feeling like I want to die.

5. Go to a great concert (Coldplay, NKOTB and BSB, Civil Wars again)

6. Play my violin in a recital

7. Raise all of our financial support for living overseas.

8. Go to Hogwarts (aka Universal Studios.  But in my mind, it's really Hogwarts)

9. Write a guest post on another blog.

10. Go to a blogging conference.  (Preferably Blogher, I think)

11. Find a mentor.

12. Memorize more Scripture.

13. Learn as much of the local language of where we are going to live as possible.

14. Enjoy more meals with friends and family- in our home and theirs.

15. Exercise at least twice a week. (That may not seem like much to you, but it would be more than I'm doing now!)

16. Practice my violin at least 3 times a week.

17. Read a book on marriage (I'm open to suggestions!)

18. Read three classic novels.

19. Take vitamins every day

20. Floss

21. Have a booth in a craft show with friends.

22. Play my violin during worship at our church.

23. Simplify. Get rid of excess.  (Excess clothes... excess books.. excess belongings)

24. Plant a little garden that has flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

25. Be more organized (less forgetful and lose things less) and more graceful (less clumsy).


  1. Love the idea of making a list! As per #12: My church is doing a memorize scripture challenge this year. Every year there is a church wide challenge (last years was to read a Proverb a day). Our first scripture to memorize is Matthew 6:19-34.

  2. Great list! I don't mind helping out on this list by receiving letters (# 2) or eating one of these great meals (#1) and going to see the Civil Wars again in April? Eh? :D

  3. #5-If you go to NKOTBSB...I just...oh I don't even know what I would do...*sigh*

    #9-You can write a guest post on mine if you ever want to but I am sure you mean one with different readers. :)

    #15-Do Jillian Michaels.

    #18-I highly recommend Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and Catcher in the Rye.

    Ok, c'est tout!

  4. Leslie,

    I love your idea! Would you care if I posted on my blog my own "25" list, but split it up into 2 parts - goals for myself and goals for my role in my marriage?

  5. haha i love the hogwarts one. great list! my husband and I read "Between Husband and Wife" when we got married. we really loved it

  6. Wuthering Heights. Best book ever!