Thursday, March 31, 2011

Elton John's baby's first chocolate Easter bunny.

Josh grew up in a little town in central Pennsylvania, and last weekend he and I got to return to his home and spend time with his our family there.  It's always fun when we go to the home where he learned to be a man, and spend quality time with the beautiful people who shaped him into who he is today.

It's also really nice because his family's house doesn't have high speed internet, and AT&T has terrrrrible service at their house (Who am I kidding? AT&T has terrible service everywhere). So whenever we are there it feels like a real escape.  It's always restful, and we always eat a lot of really delicious food prepared by Verlee!

and I'm sure you're wondering about the title of this post so let me tell you a delightful little tale.  As Josh, Julie, Verlee, and myself were walking around downtown Clearfield, we noticed a new chocolate shop.  Our complete obsession with the movie "Chocolat" forced us to go and inquire of the new business.  It wasn't opened yet, but I sign in the window informed us that we had to go in the back door to see what was going on.  We walked into the back entrance and into what can only be described as "Chocolate Paradise"!  Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but there WAS lot of chocolate.  The woman who owns the shop also owns one down at State College and is in the middle of her busy season. Chocolate Easter Bunny season.  It just so happens that Elton John was coming to State College for some reason, and his people called her chocolate shop people and ordered a lavish chocolate bunny for Elton John's baby.  and guess who go to see it?  WE DID.  The chocolate lady pulled out a massive chocolate bunny mold that had to be close to two feet tall.  It was still in the molding process, but she showed us pictures of the decorative flowers and frosting and accessories she was going to adorn the bunny with.  It was, quite possibly, the closest brush that I will ever have with a famous baby's food.  It's also been my claim to fame this week.  Can you think of a better ice breaker than "I got to see Elton John's baby's first Easter bunny!"?  Didn't think so.

ANYWAY, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend from our fancy iPad 2.  It takes such fun pictures!  and some of them are sneaky pictures, because it has a camera on the back.  So it looks like we're just messing around on the iPad when really, we're taking candid pictures of people!

A candid of Julie.  Eating homemade guacamole.  (How come no one ever told me how awesome avocados are?!)

Everyone around the dinner table.  We spend a lot of time here eating and talking when we're home.  I love that about this family!

Buddy loves it there too, because he gets to go on more walks in one weekend than he does in a whole month at our house in Lowell. (Also worth mentioning, I was just going to write: "This is a candid of Buddy" but realized that dogs don't really know or care if their picture is taken so... I think every picture of Buddy is candid.)

Josh's Dad and Grandma.  (Candid)

Julie and Grandma.  (Also candid. All three were sitting like this at the same time, I just couldn't fit all of them into one picture)

We celebrated Josh's birthday early with a yummy fruity cake!

A family car ride into town


We had to run some errands, so we decided to try out the Pet Wash that was located in the local Car Wash. I don't think Buddy liked it a whole lot, but we got a kick out of it.  He looks so ridiculous when he's wet.  (and um, candid of Buddy and not-candid of me)

My love.  His heart rests when he's at home and I love to see his soul expand in the comfort and presence of his family.


  1. Holy moly! I had no idea you had seen Elton John's baby's chocolate easter bunny!!! I mean, just wow wow wow wow. you are practically famous yourself now! lol

    Oh and I am upset no one told me how good avacodo's were either! I just started eating them when I moved in with the Courteille's. With a little bit of salt on top they are simply dilectable!

  2. It was awesome that we got to see that bunny. Who would of ever guessed such a memory in clearfield! :)

    Love your pictures and the pet wash was so funny.
    Miss you three.