Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mondo Bongo.

This past weekend was a little bit crazy in our world.  It felt like we were fighting desperately against an unseen darkness (oh wait, we probably were). Sometimes the battle is raging and other times the battle is nonexistent.  However, Saturday night til Monday night ministry and life got a little rugged and desperate and I found myself imagining a scene from "Mr and Mrs Smith" and connecting our life with it. 

The scene I was imagining is at the end of the film. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie realize that they can't win, but decide to "go out" fighting anyway.  They are in a small shed, with enemies surrounding and outnumbering them.  They look at each other to affirm that they're in agreement, and bust out of the shed and fight.  They fight with each other and for each other.  At one point he pushes her head down to protect her from a shot and a few seconds later they stand face to face in an odd embrace; still shooting and still fighting.

 The background music is a beautiful song I've loved ever since I first saw this movie called "Mondo Bongo".  I love that this is the song the producers chose for the background music for this scene, because it's also the song the characters dance to when the they first met.  I feel like it represents how far relationships can grow. Life can be all roses and you're dancing and falling in love someone, but as time goes on you're going to be tested and challenged and that's a part of love too.  That song makes the viewer remember their romantic beginning and reminds us that the difficult parts of life are all a part of the bigger story.  It's all tied together.

All that to say, images of this scene kept coming to my mind last weekend.  I felt like I was on a team with Josh and we were fighting for people and for each other and we were saving each other from blows of the enemy and relying on each other for strength and partnership. 

In the end, Brad and Angelina come out on top.  Victory.  When I got home Sunday night I finally watched the clip that had been replaying itself in my mind and I almost started crying.  I've posted a video of it below. It might seem kind of silly to you and I actually feel kind of embarrassed for even posting it.  Heck, you might even laugh at me for taking myself too seriously and call me ridiculous, but this is the way my mind chose to interpret the weekend that we had. 
Maybe it sounds odd, but this is what I want our marriage to be.  Fighting for each other and fighting for others, but relying completely on the knowledge that we have each other's backs. 

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