Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photography: The Instax Mini

About a year ago, I went and purchased an Instax Mini camera. 

 It caught my eye on someone's blog, and I loved the idea of having my own version of a polaroid camera.  My original intention was to take it with me to weddings so I could give the bride and groom a picture of themselves right then at there at the reception. It's always a hit (as well as a bit of a head-turner) and every bride and groom I've photographed with it has appreciated the little momento from their big day!  I have also taken a lot of pictures and given them away to friends and family because it is just SO much fun!  I love my little camera and am really excited that I finally finally figured out how to scan them so I could share some of my pictures with you!

Nicole and I on the left, and the girls we were about to take TP'ing on the right.  We're such good role models.  Life must be lived, friends, and TP'ing is an adventure every teenager needs to go on.

On the left we have Josh and Brian playing the Kinect.  (I particularly like Brian's fist jabs) and  on the right is a photo of Josh and I out to dinner on his birthday.  This particular picture of us is one of my favorite, ever.

Josh and I making matza for a Passover Meal with friends as well as the two of us dressed up like old people for a swing dance during a Christmas production at church.  Josh looks like a salt and pepper haired George Clooney version of himself, aaaand I look like a banshee.

In front of the old city walls.  I love watching Josh take pictures, because it is something he absolutely loves to do.  I enjoy watching him figure out exactly what settings, angles, and positions he wants to use to capture each picture.  It's like watching someone who loves poetry doing a poetry reading.  Josh loves photography, and so I love encouraging him in it!

Now that I've figured out how to get these pictures on here, I will definitely be taking (and posting) a lot more!


  1. Great pictures! However, the highlight of this blog for me is calling yourself a banshee, hahaha.

  2. So fun! :) I used to have a mini-polaroid type camera, but my pics were uber-tiny!