Monday, June 13, 2011

The Last Gift.

Last Christmas, my family received the last gifts we will ever receive from my Great Grandma.  She wasn't there to give them to us in person because she was in the hospital, but everyone still appreciated her love and thoughtfulness, even in her absence.  Grandma always got us the best presents.  Things that were useful.  Like flashlights, socks, body wash, and shaving cream.  

A couple of weeks ago, before I climbed in the shower I realized I was out of shaving cream.  I began scouring the cupboards in our bathroom sure that there must be one bottle of shaving cream somewhere in there.

Sure enough, I found one last bottle, all wrapped up...

...and I just haven't been able to throw the wrapper away quite yet.
Thanks for all of the sweet gifts, Great Grandma!

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