Monday, July 18, 2011

Still falling in love.

I am still falling in love with this man.

This is a picture from the other night. Josh and I went to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie.  Josh and I both enjoy the books and movies a lot, but I'm pretty sure we can classify my affections for the HP series as "obsession" while Josh's is a "healthy appreciation" for it.  Being the extrovert that I am, I love to be any place where hundreds of people are gathered.  There is something about being in a crowd that just energizes me and replenishes my soul.  Now, being any place where there are scores of people gathered for a HARRY POTTER premier?  I'm in heaven.  Josh, being quite a bit less extroverted than myself, isn't super crazy about going to midnight showings of popular movies.  The crowds and lack of sleep leave him prefering to see new movies at a more reasonable hour.  However, he decided to come with me just so we could have the night as a shared experience.  He got dressed up, told me my costume, a Snitch, was cute, and he sat with me in the movie theater for 6 1/2 hours waiting for the movie to start!

Fortunately for him, with a few hours left before the movie, he was asked to help photograph the event with Brandon Mulnix from Modern Photographics.  As the theater was buzzing with wizards and house elves, Josh and Brandon were running around taking picture after picture.  I think they ended up getting close to 700 pictures or something crazy like that.  Josh said they were able to go into fully seated theaters and get the crowds going with shouts of, "Who loves Gingers?!" and other hilariously potter themed chants. Our theater was seated quite early, but the sanguine in me couldn't sit still knowing there was so much fun going on in the lobby, so I decided to go out in search of my husband. 

As I walked towards the main area of the theater, I saw a bright flash of light from a camera and new exactly where to find Josh.  As I approached, I saw him with a huge smile on his face, taking picture after picture of excited movie-goers.  As I watched him in his element, I began smiling too.  In that moment, I fell even more in love with him.  I literally thought to myself, "I am so thankful he is mine."  He looked so happy and handsome.  I was sure that every girl in the room was wondering who this tall, dark, and incredibly good looking man who was taking so many pictures was. 

Before we were married, I had hoped that we would be able to maintain our in-loveness.  I had dreamt that maybe it was even possible for us to love each other even more.  I am so happy to be three years down the road from the day we said "I do" and to find that being in love is something that hasn't faded, and that there are moments when falling even further in love catches us by surprise.

All that to say, I absolutely love this picture of us that Brandon took.  Josh looks so happy in it.  I have never seen a picture that has captured him this happy and excited.  I love that it was an experience that we shared together, and that Josh is willing to do things that he doesn't always want to do, just for the sake of making me feel loved and having another string/shared experience to deepen and strengthen our bond even more.

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