Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Myrtle Beach.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Josh and I were in Myrtle Beach last week vacationing with Josh's family.  We had a lovely week of relaxing on the beach, playing games, putt-putt golf (I actually took 2nd place!) and just spending some quality time together.  We didn't bring our camera out with us nearly as often as we should have, but here are a few snapshots from our time with family.

Josh taking a "shot" of Olive Oil.  We visited a specialty food store and all they sold was olive oil.  You can see behind Josh a few of their containers for sampling.  They must have had at least 50 in the store.  I didn't try any.  Something about drinking straight olive oil just kind of grossed me out.  It was a very original store, though!

Pictures from the boardwalk.  These fish were in the lake/pond the boardwalk surrounded.  There was a  dispenser of fish food available to throw in for a mere twenty-five cents per handful.  This steady stream of food was, of course, responsible for the large amount of naaasty carp in such a small space.  They were quite gross to look at, but I just couldn't help myself, the $0.25 handful of food was too enticing.  I had to feed them.  I wanted to see the frenzy of fish as they fought for the tiny pieces of food.  It was probably the best quarter I've spent in a long time.  It was satisfying.  and gross.  and funny.  There aren't many things that only cost a quarter that give you that many different experiences.

We also had a lengthy discussion about how much money would it take for us to jump in.  (We regularly have "How much would it take for you to....?" conversations). I don't think I settled on anything specific but I did decide it would have to be in the six figures.  Yep, I think I would jump into that swarm of fish $100,000 at the very least.  What would it take for you to jump in?

These guys were making a video to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA".  Quite funny.  Mr. Sparkly-Hat knew every word of the song.  

Julie on the boardwalk.

Josh deciding whether or not he wanted to try to run through the rapidly changing water fountain.

Watching fireworks

Dun dun dunnnnn!  Preparing for Irene.  This notice was at our condo a few days before the storm reached shore.  Myrtle Beach didn't get hit but we did end up having to leave a day early to beat the elements and the evacuations.

Verlee laughing :)  I love this picture!

Singing with the ukulele!

On the beach.  

We had such big waves because of the hurricane!  We knew we were swimming a little recklessly when a native South Carolinian who happened to be swimming next to us came up after a huge waves and said things like:

"Wooo-Eeee!  I've neva seen waves this big befo!"


"This is sorta death defyin'!"

I think it was after that second statement that I decided I would head in to water that was a little more shallow.

Also, I finally figured out how to handle my beach hair.  I discovered this style of Maiden Braids on Pinterest and I have to be honest, it is one of my favorite ways to wear my hair now.  It takes less than 5 minutes, it is super easy, it works with any type of hair (as long as it's long enough).  It stays in place all day long.  If you have long hair, I highly recommend trying it.  I wore my hair like this when it was salty from the sea and I didn't feel like going through the usual 'wash/blow dry/straighten and/or curl the heck out of it process'.  I also wore it in the car so I could still feel "done" while we traveled.  I am loving it and I just had to share it with my long-haired friends.  Click here for the tutorial!

and of course, my hurt hubby.  At least he still looks cute with his matching little blue booty, right?

It was a very fun vacation!  We're happy to be home and get back into a routine again for the next month.  We are very relieved and excited to share that we received an offer on our house for a little more than our asking price!  (Does that ever happen? Ever?) So we will be moving and packing up our home this month.  and by "we" I mean, I will be packing and moving stuff and recruiting our friends to help.  Mr. One-Good-Leg-and-Arms-Busy-With-Crutches isn't going to be much assistance in this process.  I have, however, delegated all laundry folding duties to him.  So... that's about even, right?  Good thing we don't keep score in our house!

::sigh:: Huzzah!


  1. You my friend, have a talent for hair. You look so beautiful in that picture. I just tried to duplicate that look and didn't do quite so well. But I plan to try again tomorrow and wear it with the headband you made for me! (it just works so well with this hair style I think)

  2. Probably because I haven't seen the swarm of fish myself, I think I would jump into that water for relatively cheap. 1000 would get me in there for sure! Fish don't seem to frighten me too much, probably from growing up at Slayton Lake!