Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shark Attack.

Today Josh got attacked by a shark.

Okaaaay that first statement isn't true.  Josh did, however, have to go to the Emergency Room today.  He's been having problems with his left foot all week.  It started out as a sore-ness, then it bumped up into an "I-can't-really-walk-properly-ness", and today peaked at "please-take-me-to-the-hospital-ness".  

We were at the beach and the waves were getting huge from Hurricane Irene, so Josh decided to walk back to our car to get his boogie board so he could ride them.  I proceeded to swim with Julie, and didn't notice his absence for the first five minutes.  Our car was a 2 minute walk away for a healthy person and probably a 4 minute walk away for Josh, so when he had been gone 10...12...15 minutes... I started to get a little concerned.

Not concerned enough to get out of the water and go check on him., of course.  Just concerned enough to turn around and search the beach for any sign of him, and then turn back towards the awesome waves.

(Doh! Wife failure #1)

Finally, a woman with a thick French accent got my attention between waves.  I couldn't figure out why she was trying get my attention but I made my way back to shore. As I walked back, I honestly was racking my brain trying to figure out what she could have possibly wanted to say to me and I settled on:

She must like my bathing suit and want to know where I got it.

(Wife failure #2 and a rather embarrassing personality flaw if I might add... I would delete that part of this story if it wasn't so darn funny and ridiculous of me to think that.  Cheers to the never ending battle of my self-centered life as a sanguine! ::sigh::)

Unfortunately, she didn't want to know where my sweet bathing suit is from, she wanted to tell me that my husband was on "zee boardwalk" and thought " 'e 'ad broken 'is foot".  Crap.  I made my way quickly up to the boardwalk to see a stinkin' ambulance with its lights flashing.  I felt a little nervous then and ran down to my Love but got there to find that he was sitting up, calm as a duck, patiently giving the paramedics his information.

Here's the real scoop: He had been walking along, boogie board in hand, when all of a sudden he heard a snap in his ankle and was only able to take a few more steps when the pain caused him to pass out.  Some people nearby saw him and called 911, but he woke up just a few seconds later.  

Isn't that really scary? Let me answer that rhetorical question for you: Yes, it is scary.  Fortunately, he didn't further injure himself by passing out, but we were definitely done at the beach for the day.

The ER was full of very friendly and very helpful people, and Josh and I actually had a reasonably pleasant time there.  After getting an x-ray and checked out by the Doc, it was determined that he didn't break anything but probably tore a ligament.  The fact that Josh passed out due to the pain is an indication that this is a pretty serious injury that might require surgery when we get back home.

So, there you have it. The story of the time Josh got attacked by a shark (wink wink!).  Here's hoping that he won't need surgery and that my very active and mobile and capable husband will be able to rest and heal quickly!


  1. Gosh, what a mean and vicious shark! Haha you sure do tell stories well and I think I laughed my whole way through this one. I hope Josh isn't down for too long because that is pretty frustrating when you are such an active person. Safe travels on your way home. See you in ONE WEEK. Huzzah!

  2. I love how I hear your voice when I read your stories. I can fully picture you in the water and everything that is going through your head. Stinks for Josh, hope it is a quick recovery and we can't wait to see you guys, injuries and all.