Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Lately.

Here is a glimpse at life lately through my Instax Mini pictures :)

Here we have a picture from the Harry Potter premiere with Kate on the left (aka Tonks) and Nicole on the right (aka Harry Potter).  I'm dressed as a snitch in the center and although you can't see them, I am wearing wings and my shirt says, "I open at the close". (Nerd Alert, anyone?) The picture on the right is of our friends Chris and Rachel and their sweet baby girl Ainsley!  I would like to point out that something was wrong with this particular batch of film because Nicole doesn't usually have a softball sized pimple on her face and Rachel doesn't usually have one on her arm.  Sorry about that girls!

Contrary to the popular opinion that William and Kate had the wedding of the year... or the not so popular opinion that the Kim Kardashian did (really America? Really??), the wedding of the year actually goes to one of my very best friends Emily and her new hubby Mike :)  We had so much fun celebrating with them! 

They also had the cutest wedding favors, a photobooth and bookmarks! 

And finally, a couple of pictures from our time at Myrtle Beach.  You'll notice that I had to stand in the water for the picture on the right.  This was very brave of me considering I am really good at dropping EVERYTHING.

My Instax Mini is still proving to be one of my best purchases ever!


  1. I absolutely love those cutie pics! I want to get my daughter (she's 16) one of those for her birthday coming up....Did you find a good deal on yours or get it used or anything like that? I just love this post!

  2. ahh, i love instax mini cameras! all of these pictures are amazing!! definitely a great purchase indeed!
    xo TJ

  3. Fun pictures! That Instax Mini is great and I would totally want one if film wasn't so *friggin* expensive over here. Have you heard of toy digitals? Here's one: It's tiny and has the USB card inside the camera itself for direct linking to your computer (and does video)! But they also make ones that look like chocolate candy bars...and then there's the one I use, a Digi Harinezumi 2+++. Just got it recently and am totally in love with it. :)

  4. Love the pics as well! I didn't even notice our zits. Shows how observent I am!

    I looked at our pic after reading this and my zit moved to my elbow!

  5. Um, I LOVE those party favors. How stinkin' cute! I need to throw a party and... and... do that ;)

    Also, I am in total agreement with this: "Really, America? Really?" Anyone who says, "Really" has done lost their mind. Just sayin'.

  6. the pics from the beach are great! I love my instax, too! it's awesome! i really wished the film would be cheaper for it heh..