Monday, September 5, 2011

On a roll.

Turtle Rescue Mission Numero Two: Completed!

Josh and I were driving home on Friday when Josh suddenly slammed on his brakes and exclaimed:

"That was a turtle crossing the road!"

Me: "What??!  I didn't see it!  Is it in danger?!

Josh: "Yes!"

After a quick U-turn, we endured a moment of sheer terror as I stood at the side of the road, poised to rescue Mr. Baby Turtle.  We had to wait for a car to drive over him, straddling the helpless creature with its tires at 60 mph, before I could swoop in and save the day.  He bounced around with the force of the wind as the car passed overhead, but he survived.  Once I had established that the coast was clear, I rushed out to rescue him, paused for a picture taken by my partner in rescue, and released him in the grass on the side of the road.

Just another day in the life, ya know?

It is so much fun to rescue turtles, you guys.  If you are curious as to what genuine moments of joy look like on my face, it can be found in both of these pictures.   I highly recommend joining the movement.

The turtle rescuing movement, that is.

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