Wednesday, September 7, 2011


One of the most stressful parts of my life is making sure that everyone who deserves thank you cards from us receives one.

Can you imagine a better problem to have?  As I continue to pour over thank you note after thank you note after thank you note, I am struck by how beautiful our life is.  What a wonderful thing to have so many people and things to be thankful for!  

In our training for moving overseas, we were told that writing thank you notes is one of the most important parts of preparing to leave.  Over the last few months, we have received support in almost every aspect of our lives.  Friends and family have freely offered us financial support, emotional support, encouragement, and even helped take care of our grass.  They have helped us get a car to travel in, opened their homes for us to stay in, babysat Buddy, and helped us stay balanced with rest and fun. They have given us gifts, time off of work, hosted us for dinner, taken us out to dinner , and prayed for us.  Really, the list could go on and on and on and on and on.  

As we continue this journey, I have grown to love the practice of writing thank you cards.  I already love sending letters, so the sending these little notes isn't a chore and it definitely isn't an obligation.  It is an absolute joy.  At times, it even feels like these tiny cards (Can someone tell me why are they so small?) are a completely inadequate avenue to express the gratitude that we have for so many different friends and family.   Sending a note of thanks is the absolute least we could possibly do to express how much everyone's support means to us.

In a dog-eat-dog, every-man-for-himself kind of culture, we are finding that this season of relying on the grace, generosity, and help of others is quite blessed and full of joy.

"To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant,
to enact gratitude is generous and noble,
but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven."
-Johannes A. Gaertner


  1. What a beautiful little post. Makes me what to bust out a box of thank you cards right now. I can always find a million people I owe a thank you to.

  2. I love writing cards, and I've always loved that quote, too! Praying for you and Joshua! :)