Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inspiration {in poetry}

“The Stranger”
by Marilyn Maciel
In what ways am I a stranger to life?
I am a stranger to...
tightropes and chafing dishes and
holding lizards and reading poetry
out loud and rock-climbing and
yodeling and wearing my clothes
backwards and dissecting frogs
and roller coasters and bungee-jumping
and political speeches and
shaving my head and playing
country music and studying for
a degree and hitchhiking and 
scuba diving and writing a novel
and giving birth and running a
marathon and getting a
Brazilian wax and eating brains 
and driving cross country and 
owning my own business and
brandishing a weapon and wearing
contacts and winning a Nobel
prize and traveling to Africa and
going to prom and baking a
pie and shooting a film
I must remind myself that life
is not a stranger to me...
it is I who make myself
a stranger to it.

{Lets all agree to make sure 'life' isn't a stranger, shall we?}

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