Thursday, October 13, 2011

Viva La Revolution!

My 15 year old sister, Katie, and her friends decided to start a mini-revolution at their school this year for Homecoming.  She and a number of her friends have grown tired of the scandalous clothing and dancing that occurs at every single dance at their school and decided to start a movement. A movement to "bring classy back" to their school.

She and her friend Maddie emailed, recruited friends, and designed t-shirts for them to wear.  The shirts said, "I'm bringing classy back." on the front and "Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all of your life." on the back.  On Friday, October 7, they all wore their shirts to school.  If I'm being completely honest, I was a little nervous for her.  I felt like I was sending my baby sister into the lions den (because that's what high school often seems like, if I remember correctly). Would her classmates make fun of her? Would they understand what she was trying to do?  All I could do was wait by my phone for a text from her about how things were going.

As it turns out, she and her friends got mixed reviews.  Some of her peers loved it and wanted shirts of their own, and others teased them for their stance.  But the mission was accomplished.  They got their classmates talking about what they should be acting like at their school dances.  

I'm really proud of Katie for being the spearhead behind this little revolution.  She and her friends all got together before the dance on Saturday night and took pictures with their t-shirts.  It's been exciting to see how much support they've gotten this week, too.  Our pastor mentioned what they had done in church last Sunday, and we've had a lot of friends (even a few guys!) say that they'd like a shirt themselves.

Becka, Hannah, Katie, and Makenzie
If you'd like to support their efforts, feel free to follow Katie's blog "Bringin' classy back" and encourage her by leaving a comment!  And if you'd like a shirt for yourself, let me know because we are placing another order sometime soon and will be happy to get one for you! 

Showing my support!

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