Monday, October 3, 2011

Well THAT was a fun weekend!

Our friends Mike and Emily invited us to come hang with them for the weekend and join them on a multitude of adventures.  We began our weekend by attending a Detroit Red Wings game together.  Josh loves hockey and I love experiences with large crowds so we were IN.   Mike brought a jersey for Josh to wear which completely made his night and I considered it an excellent excuse to wear my red lipstick which completely made my night.   Red Wings, Red Lipstick.  Makes sense, right?

After switching seats to get closer to the ice, we were given the opportunity of a lifetime and got as close to it as we possibly could.  At the end of the game Mike's sister, who works for the Wings, let us walk right out onto the ice of Joe Lewis arena.  We were pretty excited about this.  

aaaaand I'm going to include this because I think it's funny (you might think it's disgusting), but as we were waiting to get on the ice we had to take a seat and sign liability forms.  It was getting pretty late at night and... we were all pretty hungry.... and the seat we sat in had a basket of wings next to it that had several that had gone untouched and uneaten so......

After watching Josh eat it and not die, I decided that I couldn't help myself... I needed a bite.  SO, I took a teeny tiny bite and I swear it held my appetite over until we got back to the apartment over an hour later.  I know what you're thinking, "and with her red lipstick on! The shame!" but you know what? It was worth it. It really was.

ANYWAY.  The next day we woke up to a delicious breakfast made by Mike and got ready to go to a football game at the University of Michigan!  Josh had never been to the Big House before so we were both pretty excited about it.  We made our way down to the field and found a parking spot in a neighborhood near the stadium.  When we got out of our car we noticed a little girl who was playing the U of M fight song on her violin.  She was clearly a beginner and quite the smart little business woman, if I might add.  My heart turned to mush when Josh decided to run over and give her a dollar in her open case.  His sweetness to the little girl was so adorable.  He is going to be such a great Dad someday!

After the game we went to heaven H&M and did some shopping.  Some day my wish will come true and there will be an H&M in West Michigan, but until that day I will continue to google the nearest H&M before every road trip we take.  Seriously though, Mike and Emily were very gracious and allowed us to spend as much time as we wanted at the mall and patiently waited for us to get our fill of H&M for the next few months. 

 On Sunday we slept in and skipped church (gasp!) and finished moving out of our house. Leaving our first house for the last time ever wasn't even sad, you guys.  I was just so excited to be done moving and to be done driving on dirt roads and to be done paying a mortgage that I just didn't care at all.  I took some video because the sentimental part of my nature wanted to have it to look at some day, but it is just such a relief to be done with it!  After that we watched the Lions destroy Dallas, had a Culture Night dinner with old friends and new friends, and relaxed all Sunday night to get ready for the week ahead.

My extroverted self was completely re-charged after this weekend.  I love big crowds, I love spending time with great friends, and because we are moving overseas, I loved all of the wonderfully American things I got to do this weekend! 

 (*All of these pictures were taken by Emily.  Isn't she good?!)


  1. Note - Detroit destroyed the Dallas Cowboys, not Houston

  2. I'm still scared of the red lipstick. you're rocking it.

  3. Fun! And just so you know, I once found a half full bag of peanut M&M's right side up on the movie theater floor in Paris and definitely ate a few, haha. They were so good!

  4. What fun! I've never been to a hockey game! I LOVE your hair in those pics.

    PS: The wings thing was pretty nasty, but I might do it too if I was hungry enough! Hehe.

  5. So... I am friends with you against my husband's wishes. You *do* realize he's an Ohio Buckeye, right? ;)