Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Nuts.

On Sunday, my family celebrated my Mom's birthday by picking out and carving pumpkins.  It was a grand adventure and there is nothing that makes me happier and come more alive than spending time with my family.  We usually end up laughing.  A lot.

I spent forehhhhver picking out my pumpkin, but isn't it beautiful?  However, when we got back to the house Josh decided to change his pumpkin design to something that required more of an oval shape, so I graciously let him use my pumpkin.  I feel like there is some kind of marriage lesson in there somewhere, right? 

Me and my Mum, aka the birthday girl :) She is the source of my red hair, extroverted personality, and ability to see the good in others.

Somehow, Brad and Katie didn't get the passion for carving pumpkins that the rest of us have.  Ever since Brad was a very little boy, he has disliked the pumpkin 'guts'.  Hence the disgruntled look on his face and the pumpkin's stab wound.  In a moment of sheer brilliance, Katie (being the sly fox that she is) chose a very small pumpkin and was finished carving before everyone else.  

Despite its imperfections, Lindsay practically imprinted fell in love with her mole-y pumpkin.  Once she found it, there was no going back.

I wasn't joking when I said Brad hates the pumpkin guts.  He even brought gloves.  Kyrie drew that cat pattern by hand and yes, she is every bit as sweet as she looks in this adorable picture!

Now, for the final pumpkin product and introductions:

From left to right:
Mom's Pumpkin: Patrick from Spongebob Square Pants.
Lindsay's Pumpkin: Rico Suave ("Heyyyyy baby, how YOU doin?")
Josh's (::ahem:: my) Pumpkin: Voldemort reaching out his hand.
Brian's Pumpkin: "The Angry Asian". (Ok, seriously, this is the name Brian gave it when he turned it around to show everyone.  I really hope that it isn't offensive to anyone!)
My Pumpkin: You're BEAUTIFUL!
Kyrie's Pumpkin: The kitty.
Brad's Pumpkin: At the Doctor ("Say Ah" -- "Ahhhhhhhhhh")
Katie's Pumpkin: _____________ (Insert your own caption here, cause I couldn't come up with anything hahaha)

The twin's pumpkins.  This is a pretty accurate depiction of out personalities portrayed through art.

Kyrie decided to bake some pumpkin seeds.

We finished the night by eating a huge lasagna dinner and singing "Happy Birthday" to Mom.  We had a bit of a candle situation that was remedied by the three spare candles I could find in the 'Drawer of Requirement'.  Of the three candles on the cake, one belongs in a pumpkin and one is a trick candle that kept re-lighting itself.  Not too shabby, If I do say so myself!


  1. Hi Leslie! I'm so glad that you commented back on my blog. I'm actually starting a new series (the first post will be tomorrow) called "Thanks for Sharing" where guest posters will tell about something they have a passion for. I'd love to have you write a post for Little Spindle if you're interested.

    You can reach me at for more info!

    I hope to hear from you!

  2. What fun!!! I love seeing family holiday photos. I think my fav pumpkin is the one with the wide open mouth. Very fun.


  3. Love it!!! Rico Suave is the best! haha

  4. What a lovely tradition that you guys do!! Many of them are so elaborate...I don't quite have the skills for that!!

    Does your family have French heritage? I love that your mom's cake was in French.

  5. How fun! I love how diverse all your pumpkins are!