Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Art of Celebration: A Birthday Fiesta!

Josh and I have recently decided that we want to become really good at celebrating life.  If you've got good news, we want to be there to share in your excitement with you. We kicked off this new season of celebrating with our friends Rob and Kate, who drove up from Kentucky for a quick weekend visit!

Kate's birthday was Thursday, but we celebrated allllll weekend long.  Rob asked us to get goodies for a birthday party, so Josh and I decided that we wanted to throw Kate a 'birthday fiesta'!  We went to Party City on Thursday night and raided their "Fiesta" section, picking out the perfect decorations. 

Once Friday night came around, we kicked them out of our apartment for 20 minutes and transformed our little home into a birthday party fiesta!  We invited dancers....

and a mariachi band!

We got dressed up in sombrero's and mustache's and grabbed dinner at Taco Bell :)

We put up streamers everywhere, and even had the door to our kitchen covered so Kate had to charge through them!


We had a couple of leftover mustaches and a maraca to spare.

Kate got an instax-mini for her birthday, and took duplicate pictures to give to me! Welcome to the instax club, friend!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends!  It was so much fun celebrating Kate's birthday with her and making new memories with friends we cherish!


  1. This party looks amazing. I absolutely love that you all wore mustaches to Taco Bell.. classic. <3

  2. That looks so fun! We have a small place, but we could do things like this! I love it! The stashes are awesome!

  3. This made my day all over again... I laughed at each picture separately and then showed my mom over skype and laughed some more.

    This was one of the most memorable birthday's I have ever had. You helped celebrate me into my 27th year with much enjoyment.

    Thanks for being so AWESOME and inviting me into the INSTAX family!

  4. I'm a big believer in that life philosophy: celebrate!:-) xoxo