Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The only thing that tastes better than diet coke...

 To celebrate the holiday weekend and the Christmas decor we put up on Saturday, we decided to have a few friends over for a night of fun. Somehow, early in the night, we got on the topic of my addiction to McDonald's diet coke.  It's pretty much the same conversation every time.  It starts off with some variation of, "Diet pop is soooo bad for you" and the conversation quickly webs to, "There is NO difference between McDonald's diet coke and any other pop out there".  

Well, the fact that diet coke is bad for me isn't breaking news or anything.  I'm trying not to drink it as often as I usually do because I'm aware that it's basically like drinking poison every day.  I get that.  I understand. I've read the articles.  What I will never compromise on is that all diet coke's are created equal.  Primarily, that there is nothing 'better' about the diet coke that comes from McDonald's.  To my delight, everyone decided that we finally needed to put the debate to rest with a little experiment on Saturday night.  

A taste test to prove that McDonald's diet coke is the best!

I was thrilled.  It was finally my chance to prove myself correct in front of everyone!   Nicole, Lindsay, and myself drove all over town (all three of us sat in the front bench-seat of my car and jammed to BSB, of course) and proceeded to buy diet coke in a can, a plastic bottle, from Burger King and finally one from McDonald's.  We brought our spoils back to the house and Josh prepared the drinks.  To ensure that I really couldn't tell the difference, we got four straws from McDonald's, poured the can and bottle into cups, and removed the lids from the samples from BK and McD's.  Obviously this was a very serious situation.

Instead of a blindfold, I just pulled my sparkly hat over my eyes and got ready for the most important taste test of my life!  Josh and I knelt in front of our coffee table, and he guided my hand to each different straw (I wasn't allowed to touch the cups, of course).  Drinking in front of a silent crowd was a little uncomfortable, but after trying all four drinks, I had to make my decision.  

Now let me tell you the truth, there was a lot riding on this moment!  Mainly, the future of my justification for going to McDonald's every day.  I took a couple of moments to think things over and made my announcement:

"The first pop was from McDonald's, the second from a can, the third from Burger King, aaaand the fourth is the plastic bottle."  

Stunned silence.  Then giggles.  Then a chorus of disbelief and "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!"'s from everyone in the room.  I was 100% correct on all of them!   It turns out the only thing that tastes better than McDonald's diet coke is the taste of sweet victory!

Naturally, Josh decided he wanted to give it a try and after switching the order of drinks, he got them all correct too!  This was almost better than my victory because Josh finally believes and agrees that McDonald's diet coke is the best.  Lindsay and Nicole ended up taking the test as well, though they weren't correct with their guesses :) 

All in all, it was pretty flippin' awesome you guys.  I'm still trying to drink less diet coke, but being in the hot seat and getting all four correct was one of the highlights of my weekend!


  1. Long live fountain Coke from McDonald's! (I prefer the hard-core non-diet variety... which is even more poisonous!)

  2. Whoops... just posted that comment under Ben's Google account ;)

  3. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!and I agree with Lenae - LONG LIVE DIET COKE FROM MC'D's!!!!!

  4. Hahaha you are so awesome. Can we be friends?! I think we'd have a lot of fun drinking diet coke together and what not.

  5. That is so funny that you guys went to all that trouble for a taste test! And I totall agree with you, McDonald's has the best pop, by far!