Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Beautiful Year.

2011 was such a great year! I can't remember the last time I was as challenged and as inspired as I was this year.  2012 is going to be quite the adventurous year, but for now it's time look back on the year of "Transition" and the year of "Thankfulness" as I'm calling it.  


 I celebrated my 25th birthday!  Joshua threw me my first surprise party ever and I was felt so loved by my friends and family who came to celebrate with me :)  Also, in January we found out we had officially been approved to do humanitarian work overseas!  

Birthday Surprise.
February and March

We did our first week of training for the work we'll be doing overseas and got to meet some of our new friends who will be there with us!  We also endured "Snowpocalypse" as the kids were calling it and took a trip to Hogwarts!

Snow Fort.


We celebrated Josh's 28th birthday with a chilly camping trip in Ludington.  We also went through one of the most challenging stretches of ministry ever and I was relieved to learn that when the 'going gets tough' something in me rises to the occasion.  I also learned that Josh has my back and that it is in difficult situations that we learn what teamwork really is and how to rely on a Strength far above our own.


 I ran a 5k with my sister Katie!  I didn't quite meet the goal I had set, but I was proud of myself nonetheless.  It was such a fun experience!


My younger brother Brad graduated from high school, Buddy got a haircut that made him look like Falkor from "The Never-ending Story", Josh ran in his first race ever, we tearfully celebrated four years of youth ministry coming to an end, and we spent three weeks training for the work we'll be doing overseas!  

Our "Farewell" party.


I got off of birth control and began practicing the Fertility Awareness Method of contraception (a variation of Natural Family Planning).  So far so good!  I spent my last 4th of July State-side at my parents cottage, dressed as a snitch to watch the last Harry Potter movie, supported Katie as she donated her hair to Locks of Love, and saw Taylor Swift in concert from the 4th row, and was honored to be a part of one of my best friend's weddings!  

Floating Heart Lantern.

Harry Potter!

My brave, beautiful sister!
My bff Taylor. Ha.

I had the privilege of
baptizing Katie and took a vacation to Myrtle Beach with my Family-in-love! (We also got to welcome sweet Ainsley into the world!)

September & October

 We celebrated four years together and three years of marriage!  I went to a blogging conference where I met my soul sister, Lenae, and finally figured out the "why" behind why I blog.  We also celebrated Fall's arrival (and my Mom's birthday) by carving pumpkins!


I went hunting for the first time ever with my best friend (and laughed hilariously), had a birthday fiesta for Kate, and finally proved that diet coke from McDonald's is better than any other diet coke!


I became famous on the radio (ha), danced with the coolest group of senior citizens ever, and went on a Christmas Cruise with my family!

Tonight we are in Pennsylvania about to ring in 2012 with Josh's family!  I can only imagine where I will be and what I will have experienced this time next year.  It makes me giddy just thinking about what the new year holds!


  1. It was wonderfully beautiful indeed! Cheers to 2012's adventures!

  2. Happy New Year! I too, am giddy to see what this year will bring! I just have a feeling about it! One thing is for sure, I am glad to have "met" you this past year!

  3. July-My big sister moved home from France!

    How dare you forget such an important event!!