Thursday, December 8, 2011

The very worst Christmas tree.

It's been almost two weeks since Josh and I ventured out to find ourselves the perfect (pre-cut) Christmas tree.  We knew it was a little early to be searching, but since we are leaving for a cruise (!!) on the 21st of December with my family, we wanted to get all of the enjoyment out of our Christmas tree that we could!  This year I let Josh pick out the tree himself.  He was quite excited about it and made sure to pick out a Blue Spruce because his family always got Blue Spruce's growing up and he wanted to maintain the tradition.  We brought it home and had a lovely time decorating the tree and our little apartment together!

Unfortunately, we noticed something very quickly.  Despite the fact that Josh risks the skin on his arms every day reaching past prickly branches to hydrate it, our tree is dying at an alarming rate.  All it takes is a few seconds of silence in our living room to hear a quiet but definite trickle of pine needles throwing themselves off of their respective branches and embracing death on the floor.  Actually bumping the tree is an entirely different story; the slightest touch of a branch results in a steady cascade of falling needles. 

Honestly, it's not really a big deal or anything and has actually become quite comical.  The only part of our tree that is affecting our Christmas Spirit are the needles on the floor... (it really is ironic they're called 'needles' yeah?).  One step on a fallen needle at the wrong angle and you will also find yourself on the FLOOR, friends.  These things hurt!  Now if you take into consideration the fact that we don't have a working vacuum in our home for the time being, it really is quite the predicament.  Anytime I find myself near our tree of death Christmas tree, I tread very lightly... very lightly indeed.

It's really quite a mess and a bit disappointing considering this is our last real Christmas tree for a few years, but entirely amusing at the same time.  Josh and I are just being diligent with where we step and the usage of our slippers, and making sure to laugh together each time we hear the needles fall.

Has this ever happened to any of you?  Do you have a 'worst Christmas tree' tale?  Surely we aren't the only ones...


  1. This was EXCATLLY what happen to our tree last year! no joke!!!!!

  2. that is super funny to me! :):) sorry about your tree misfortune!

  3. We had a tree once that died after a week of having it. It probably was dying on the lot when we got it! So sad:(

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  4. I have super bad luck with real trees-so fake trees it is for us! :(

  5. super precious tree...i love the shot you got with the needles here
    Merry belated Christmas and Happy New year! Looks like your trip was amazing!