Friday, December 2, 2011

Words to Ponder: A.W. Tozer

"No one need fear to listen to the voice of God unless he has already made up his mind to resist it."
-AW Tozer

Initial Reaction:
 Often what God requires of us is more than what we want to give, which makes it easy to simply not ask.  (I am reminded of a favorite quote among rebellious teens, "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.")  Is this type of deceptive thinking not only true in our earthly relationships, but also in our relationship with God?  An obvious example of a time when I struggled with this was when Josh and I were dating. I specifically remember not wanting to ask God if Josh was the person I was supposed to marry because I knew I didn't want to listen if He the answer was "no".  (Thankfully, the answer was 'yes'!)

What Does This Thought Ask of Me?:
Am I willing to seek Him first, even if I suspect that what He wants for my life isn't in line with what I want?

Image That Reminds Me To Pursue This Thought:

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I must rely on His grace to help me not to cling to anything in life too tightly; to live with open hands and receive direction from God willingly; to joyfully surrender every good thing that has been given to me back to the Giver.

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  1. Love this quote and your thoughts! I'm especially drawn to what you said about asking (or not asking!) God if your then-boyfriend was "the one." I remember doing the same thing before I married my husband. I desperately wanted to ask God and seek him, but I was terrified of the answer. Thankfully, for me (and you), He did say YES!

  2. I love that quote. It is a good thing to remember. I have found myself am I seeking His will or have I already decided to do my own thing. Great thoughts.

  3. Adore A.W and adore this post and u.